So what is this thing all about?

We created to help you promote yourself and your expertise. Create a one-page profile to show off what you're good at and why, and hand-pick the best examples of your work, knowledge or passion to prove you really know your stuff.

We're all about quality over quantity and focussing on only the best examples of your expertise. While LinkedIn is for your whole career history, and Facebook is for connecting with friends, is about chosing just one thing you do well and showcasing that in the best light - to the world! The website is currently in 'beta', but we will be adding a huge range of new features over the coming months.

FAQ: About in general

Who is for?

Experts, professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, graduates, working mums, creatives, techies, job-seekers, enthusiasts, hobbyists, online content creators… anyone who wants to showcase and share what they do in an elegant, effective way using simple, intuitive tools.

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What’s the “vision” for

Although the service is at an early stage, a focussed, expert web presence is a powerful tool. We want to help you use it – to build your reputation, to gain new fans for your work and to connect with people who want to learn from you.

Ultimately, we aim to help every user to sell their skills, products and expert insight in the simplest, most effective way possible. We like to think big, so let’s call it “the world’s best knowledge marketplace”.

Your profile is only the beginning…

I could sign up, but what’s in it for me?

First up, you get early access to the service before any of your friends/colleagues/professional nemeses, allowing you to reserve your ideal username and then create a focussed, beautiful profile that communicates the best of what you do at a glance.

You can play with it, show off about it, use it as your online calling card… it’s up to you.

On top of that, your voice will be heard at a very early stage in our development. If you want to, you can help us shape the service in the way that best fits you and your particular area of expertise.

You can submit ideas and suggestions as you go, or join our Beta test group on Facebook to feed back in more depth.

FAQ: Setting up a profile

Why do I have to define my area of expertise? is focussed on helping users to simply and effectively communicate their expertise; the very first step in this process is stating clearly and concisely what it is that you do.

We also believe the best way to promote yourself is to focus on just one thing you do exceptionally well, not everything you have ever done online, like many other profile building websites ask you to do.

What should I put on my profile?

Everything you add to your profile should display or demonstrate your expertise in the best light.

Focus on effectively showcasing the area of knowledge you have defined in your headline. Pick only the very best of what you do for your profile – first impressions count, so don’t make your audience work hard to find the good stuff.


  • videos that show off your skills in action
  • great blog posts you’ve written that inform, teach, debate or define topics within your field of interest
  • recordings of talks you’ve given or podcasts you’ve made
  • links to examples & reviews of your work, interviews and features about you, awards you’ve won etc.
Can I create original content on

Our 'Insights' feature lets you post short snippets of inspiration or advice, and other users can comment on these insights to start a discussion.

You can also upload your own thumbnail images for content you add, and in the near future we will allow you to create entirely new items on your profile from scratch, and upload files and pictures to display in any profile section.

Tell us what kind of content you want to create…

Can I personalise the design and layout of my profile?

Not yet, but we're looking into it for some future development! Send us your suggestions and requests…

Can I re-order items on my profile?

Yes! We're working on making this more obvious, but if you drag and drop the round icons in the menu at the top of your profile, the sections will be re-arranged in that order.

You can also drag each item in a section up and down to re-order them within that section.

I’ve made my profile… what happens next?

We’ll keep you up-to-date when new features and services are added.

As the site evolves we’ll help you to build your reputation, gain new fans for your work and to connect with people who want to follow your insights and expertise.

Ultimately, we aim to help every user to sell their skills, products and expert insight in the simplest, most effective way possible as part of the world’s best knowledge marketplace.

Until then, you now have a focussed, beautiful profile that communicates the best of what you do at a glance. Play with it, show it off, use it as your online business card or CV… it’s up to you.

What if I don’t use any of the sites you currently support?

Any of the 'enthuse' sections allow you to add content from anywhere online, and soon you will be able to add original content from scratch as well.

Can I change my username/url?

If you wish to change the display name on your profile, just click it. To change the username in your profile url, please email us at [email protected] .

How do I report a problem?

Sorry you’re experiencing problems. You can report bugs, technical issues and site problems via our Beta test group on Facebook and we’ll endeavour to deal with them as soon as possible.

How do I make suggestions or request new features?

We’re happy you want to get involved! You can add requests, ideas, suggestions and queries to our Beta test group on Facebook.

How do I delete my account?

If you’d like to delete your account please drop us a line at [email protected] with your profile url in the email.

We’re always eager for feedback, even when it’s negative. If you‘d like to provide a reason for deletion in your email we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

FAQ: And the rest...

Why is something broken in Internet Explorer/Safari/Firefox/Opera?

We want to ensure that the site looks good and functions well for every user. should work in all browsers, although we mainly develop with Google Chrome, so that will offer the best experience.

If you find a problem, please let us know with the 'contact' link in the menu tab at the top right of the page, or through our Facebook group.

You retain the copyright for all your own work and may remove it whenever you wish.

Access our User Licence terms & conditions.

What about privacy?

Access our privacy policy.

What about cookies?

Access our cookies policy or find out more about cookies (Wikipedia).

Who should I contact for press & media enquiries?

All press and media enquiries should be sent to [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

Why do you drink so much coffee?

Many reasons, and not just because our developers fancy the nice barista down the road...

Part of it is the need to stand up and move around on a regular basis, because sitting down all day is bad for you, don’t you know? (We also have standing desks for the same reason).

Another reason, is because there are some of the best coffee shops in London in walking distance of our office. And we're all addicted to the stuff! (We also drink tea... just because we're a British company, not because it actually tastes any good.)

What’s a falafel?

Our front-end coder Lewis once described a falafel as “a vegetable mouse”. No, we have no idea what that means either.