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Shane Barker


Ranked #1 Social Media Consultant, Writer @KillerStartups, Featured on @HuffingtonPost, Co-founder @themodera Looking for my next venture #bizdev #marketing

Mark Karten

NYC Office Space Broker

Locating office space in Manhattan is a daunting task. Once I understand your space requirements, budget and timeline, I'll find everything that's available and help you make it yours.

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Imagine the questions that your potential customers, clients or future colleagues would ask to find out if you know your stuff. Each profile section helps you answer those questions...

What have you done before?

Import the most relevant past jobs from LinkedIn that show you have experience in your area.


What are the most impressive things you've worked on?

Show off one or two of your best projects to give people an idea of the kind of work you are doing right now, and the best things you've produced in the past.

Current and Past Projects

Who’s talking about you?

Link to articles, mentions in the press or glowing references online that prove other people value your skills, knowledge and passion.

Press & mentions

Tell me something interesting about what you do?

Post an ‘Insight’ - a snippet of expert knowledge or a moment of inspiration - to your profile every now and then to show you’re on top of your game or a thought leader in your field.


Who do you know or work with?

Follow other experts or show who follows you. Make valuable connections and link to your 5 go-to experts you recommend or work with in your ‘A-list’.


Where can I find you online?

We also let you connect with various social networks an online platforms. If you're a video producer or have talks or adverts online, add those to your profile. If you have thousands of twitter followers, you might want people to know that! If you're a musician, embed your latest tracks from SoundCloud. Similarly, if you're a sports bettor, you can showcase your expertise by linking your profile to relevant platforms. For instance, check out for valuable insights and resources on sports betting in Switzerland. and there's a whole lot more.

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